What is an SMS Campaign?

by Davanti Digital on June 18, 2012

According to MobiThinking, 5.9 trillion short message service, or SMS messages were sent in 2011. SMS messages are expected to reach 9.4 trillion by 2016. SMS messaging campaigns are part of mobile marketing solutions that can help businesses increase brand awareness, foster relationship with customers and educate customers about what’s going on at your business.

Also called a text messaging campaign, customers can opt in to receive your texts by sending a code to a preselected 5 or 6 digit number which automatically adds the number that sent the code to the text list. Then, whenever you have an event, a special, a holiday message or something to share with your customers, you can send out a text directly to their phones.

Mobile phones are in the hands of approximately 87% of the population. Think about how many of your customers are included in that number. SMS campaigns are a great way to reach a large audience wherever they are. It is a quick, convenient and innovative way to increase brand awareness and build relationships.

A texting campaign can be carried out in a variety of ways. It isn’t someone from your business sending a mass text to everyone on the list alerting them of a sale. The following are ways in which you can reach mobile subscribers via SMS.

  • Subscription text alerts
  • Voting/Polling
  • Mobile fan clubs
  • Premium SMS sweepstakes
  • Corporate marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Client notification systems
  • Mobile real estate listings

Texting campaigns can bring your business to a new level of marketing as part of your mobile marketing strategy. To learn about how an SMS campaign can help you reach your audience call Davanti Digital Media today at 1-800-420-3441 for a free consultation.  We customize every mobile marketing campaign to fit your needs, timeline and budget.  “Like” Davanti on Facebook for all of our digital marketing tips and tools and to learn more about the team!

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