To Schedule or Not to Schedule?

by Davanti Digital on July 15, 2011

What are automated updates?

There are various programs designed to send scheduled posts to your social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. After choosing a program, your brand can enter posts and a date that they are to go online. The site then publishes these updates to the designated sites on the date and time you have scheduled.


-          Helpful when scheduling updates for multiple brands or events

-          Use it to post links and promote scheduled events happening in the future

-          Allows you to do other things during business hours


-         Sometimes your message doesn’t get delivered if the automated site isn’t functioning properly

-         The information included in your scheduled message can change from the time you sent it to the automated site

-         Some programs are costly if you’re scheduling for multiple brands

Recommended programs

-          Hootsuite – This site can manage multiple social media accounts and makes it easy to monitor all of your accounts on one page through the automated site.

-          Sprout Social – Also manages all of your accounts and allows you to send the same message out to all of your social media. This site also provides demographics of your followers and gives you a social score card based on your following.

-  – This site works similarly to first two, managing various social media accounts and providing analytical information based on your posts and viewers.

-          SocialOOmph – Manages your twitter feed and can also send designated messages as reply to those who follow you. The site can also automatically follow any user choosing to follow your brand.

Tips for automating

Take a moment a couple times a week to go in to both the automated site and the social media site and make sure everything is running smoothly. You also want to make sure that you’re responding to people. Don’t turn on automation and walk away. You want to build meaningful relationships and an automated system can’t that alone.

Remember that automated doesn’t have to mean robotic. Just because a system is sending out your updates, doesn’t mean the updates should sound mechanical.  Be sure to stick with the tone of your brand because the updates are representing that brand.

Be sure to schedule your updates in a manner that will keep them relevant. Don’t schedule any updates too far in advance, especially if the message is subject to change. This is another reason why it’s important to check on your site and the scheduled posts.

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