Surviving an Office Job in the Summer

by Davanti Digital on May 17, 2012

Memorial Day is less than two weeks away and aside from the privilege of wearing white shoes again that means those of us sitting at our desks have one thing on the back of our minds – getting outside.

Whether it’s convincing the boss that an outside meeting really would increase productivity or counting down to the next day off, we do what we can to get a little bit of summer in our daily office lives.

Use these survival tools to make it through the summer:

5. Do schedule days off. Flu season might have sucked up your sick days, but be sure to save a few vacation days for the summer months. It might mean schlepping in to work on a dreary day in January when you would rather watch a T.V. marathon, but it will be well worth it to soak up that sun.

4. Take a lunch. If you’ve gotten in the habit of skipping lunch to get an extra task completed for the day, try going in a little early and take a lunch and take it outside! Even if you just sit outside for ten minutes with a sandwich, it will do you good.

3. Take advantage of the extended daylight. Make plans for after work to soak up the last few hours of sunlight. Go to dinner and dine outside. Take a walk on the beach or a short hike. Whatever you do, don’t think the day is over because you just worked all day. Work hard, play hard!

2. Be productive. How will that help you get outside? Well, the faster you get your work done, the less likely you are to have to stay late. Eyes on the prize people! Get in there and get that work finished so you can get out of there and savor the sun (and a cocktail.)

1. Take a vacation. If you have the vacation days, take them. You will come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to handle whatever comes your way. Who am I kidding? You will probably come back exhausted, but you can start a countdown which is always fun and when you get back you can show off your tan.

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