Social Media and the News

by Davanti Digital on April 19, 2012

You’ve seen the commercials; they were so 27 seconds ago. Social media is taking over when it comes to disseminating news. The statistics show a staggering amount of people are now getting their news from social media networks rather than traditional news sources. Are you a social media news junkie?

Whether it’s personal news like the birth of a friend’s baby, a break up or a move, or national breaking news like the death of Osama Bin Laden, sites like Facebook and Twitter are bringing the news to users on their computers and mobile phones.

According to research by the Washington Post, Pew Research Center and Reuters, more than 50% of people learned about breaking news via social media rather than other official news sources. Overall, social media ranks third when it comes to people getting their news.

Social Media is very closely trailing newspaper publications and could rapidly approach the percentage of people getting their news from TV News.

Take a look at how some of the big headlines broke:

Royal Wedding Announcement


Raid and Death of Osama Bin Laden


Whitney Houston’s Death


Egyptian Uprising



So, what does this mean for news? There are advantages and disadvantages to news breaking on social media. On one hand we get our news almost immediately, but the accuracy can be compromised as it travels via social. Also, while the news can spread fast and over a virtually limitless territory, sometimes it’s difficult to find out the whole story through limited social space. Finally, while mobile devices give the opportunity to get news where crews can’t go, it also gives the opportunity for people to put themselves in sometimes bad situations to get a story.

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