Small Businesses and Social Media

by Davanti Digital on April 12, 2012

Many big companies like Nike and Oreo take to social media to interact with millions of fans across the world. For the small business that wants to engage with customers, it’s not so easy. What is the difference between a large company and a small business on social media? How can you have a successful social media campaign as the store down the street?

What small business owners often assume is that their social media can have the seemingly instant success that large companies have. In reality, it takes time and a great deal of effort for everyone involved. When carried out correctly, customers will become fans, and those fans can become brand ambassadors.

How do you get your customers to become fans? “If you build it, they will come,” might apply to Oreo, but in this case, you have to lead them there. Business owners have to get involved and tell their customers about their leap into the social world using stickers, flyers, word of mouth and newsletters. Our team can then create pages that reflect the overall feel of the business and begin to engage customers in not only things the fans love, but things they love about your business.

Keep in mind it’s all about relationships. You do not want to spam your customers and fans with what you think are your best products on a daily basis. You are building friends, literally. As your customers “Like” your page, you want to get to know them and let them get to know you, your business and your brand.

Here are a few tips for letting your fans get to know you:

  • What is the overall feel of your brand? Is it a serious company, or do you like to rely on humor to connect with your customers?
  • Relay the feeling in your business onto your social media accounts. Similarly to the overall feel of your brand, you want to bring your brand to the page.
  • Don’t assume the customers have “Liked” your page because they want to know everything that is going on at your store every second of the day. Ask your fans what they’re doing. Ask what they want to see. Take polls. Post photos that have nothing to do with your business if it seems like they might be interested in it.
  • Engage in conversation. Even if the conversation goes for away from the topic of what’s going on at your restaurant this weekend, you’re building a relationship.

That’s where genuine connections are made to create loyalty and brand awareness. That kind of interaction is invaluable to every business big or small.

Davanti Digital Media gives the small business a chance to shine among the big names. We get to know your company inside and out so we can bring everything you love about your brand to your social media pages. Using consistent yet always evolving tactics, the small company like the boutique on the corner, the Oceanside restaurant and the home improvement contractor in Louisiana, our team creates the impact needed to bring your brand a new level. “Like” us on Facebook for more tips on social media and digital marketing!

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