Protecting Your Social Media Identity

by Davanti Digital on June 19, 2012

Personal identity theft is a real issue that we protect ourselves against with complicated passwords, PIN numbers, and sitekeys. Your brand image is your business’s identity and it is equally important to take measures to protect your online reputation. Consumer generated content (CGM) can have a profound effect on your business success or failure. Monitoring review-based sites is an important step in protecting and enhancing your online reputation.

Yelp!—What’s the Big Deal?

Yelp! is one of the most highly trafficked review-based sites on the Internet. There are over 32 million registered users and the development of a mobile application has made the site even more accessible for people on the go. Yelp! has also become more interactive, allowing users to check-in at different establishments.

It is important to know as a business owner that anyone can create a Yelp! page for your business. You may have reviews on the site of which you are not aware. Taking control of the page and monitoring what is said about your brand is integral to managing your online reputation.

Managing your Yelp! Account

The first step is to claiming your Yelp! page. After finding the listing for your business on the site, scroll down to the business details. Below the location information, you will see a link that reads “Is this your business?” Click the link to begin the process of claiming the page, which includes receiving an automated phone call and entering a 4-digit code. Once your page is claimed, you will have the ability to update you business information, add hours of operation, and post announcements, coupons, and photos.

One of the most important aspects of managing your Yelp! page is responding to reviews. Engaging with your consumers on this review-based site displays your appreciation for their business and concern for any negative experiences they may have had with your brand. Being aware of these reviews and responding to them gives you control over your online reputation.

You can’t stop consumer generated content, but you can use it to build online reputation management. Yelp! is only one aspect to your online reputation. There are several sites including consumer based blogs and posts that need to be monitored. To learn more about what Davanti Digital Media can do protect your social media identity and manage your online reputation, call us today at 800-420-3441. ‘Like’ us on Facebook and stay up to date on all the latest digital marketing strategies.

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