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by Davanti Digital on June 4, 2012

To shed some light on the difference between desktop websites and mobile websites, Davanti Digital Media is diving into our own website to show you the differences. Take a look at the comparison of what your customers would see with and without a mobile optimized website.

This is the landing page for Davanti’s mobile site as displayed on an Iphone. It displays a clear description of who we are as well as easy navigation to the most important aspects of our website including Services, Contact Information, Location and a thumbnail of one of our videos.

This screen shot displays our full desktop website how it appears on an Iphone. This is how our website would appear if it was not customized for mobile devices. Notice that you can barely see the navigation tabs, the text is too small and it would probably take a great deal of hunting to find contact information and location with such a small page.

When viewing our mobile site, if you click on the services tab this is the page you will get. It has a clear list of the various digital marketing services Davanti offers as well an easy to read description.

This is the same services page viewed from the same Iphone but on our desktop website. There is a lot of text on the page which would be difficult to read on the go and the services appear so small you can’t even see them.

These shots make it easy to see the difference between a mobile optimized site and a full site when viewed from a mobile device. A customer who is looking for information on the go is less likely to stay on your page if it’s difficult to view. 51 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites!

For a free audit of your website, give Davanti Digital Media a call at 800.420.3441. The sooner you’re optimized, the sooner your customers can find you. “Like” us on Facebook for digital marketing tips, to get to know our experts and more!

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