Mobile Marketing 101

by Davanti Digital on May 29, 2012

If you’re considering a mobile website for your business, you’re in good hands. Davanti Digital Media in Tinton Falls is a full service digital marketing agency in New Jersey offering a variety of online marketing solutions including mobile website development. If you plan to go mobile, there are some terms you should know. Davanti has some mobile marketing lingo, so get out your pad and pen!

Within the Site

There are several components that make a mobile website truly mobile. Here are the characteristics and what you need to know about them:

  • Small pages – The size of the pages on a mobile site are optimized for less bandwidth usage and quick load times for mobile devices.
  • Optimized navigation – Mobile sites are easy to navigate offering only the most vital options on a menu and less drop down menus for search.
  • Media Usage – Media is formatted to ensure proper display and function on a mobile device since some mobile devices display the media differently than others.
  • Quick Details – Mobile sites should contain easy to see and find important information such as business hours and contact information.
  • Full Site Options – Your mobile site might include the option to view full site. This way if a mobile user prefers to use the full site, there is always the option.

Mobile Landing Pages – A mobile landing page is the page that viewers will see when they are navigated to your mobile site by way of a website link, QR Code, or advertisement. Content will be displayed on this page and should give the viewer a reason to continue through your mobile site.

Mobile Apps – A mobile app is designed to do more than just provide information like the mobile website. It should help the user achieve something like making a list, a reservation, or order online. There are two types of mobile applications:

Native App – This type of application is built specifically for certain mobile devices and must be downloaded via a mobile market place. Usually, these apps can run with or without an internet connection.

Web App – This type of application runs solely on the mobile device on which it is stored. It uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS with an internet connection to function on the mobile device. Web apps generally work on most phones.

Mobile marketing solutions like apps and websites open a whole world for your business. It puts you in front of your customer at all times. “Like” us on Facebook for digital marketing news and tips!

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