Is Your LinkedIn Lacking?

by Davanti Digital on January 16, 2012

If you’re using LinkedIn to market your business, you’re on the right track, but are you using it effectively? Many businesses set up a company page, find some relevant connections and then check it every once in a while hoping that the word will spread about their business. It takes a lot more than a set it and forget it mentality to utilize internet marketing tools such as LinkedIn. Davanti Digital Media has some tips for you on how to use LinkedIn.

Check your Page’s Analytics: Did you know there is a tab on your company page for analytics? As long as you’re the admin of the page, you can click the analytics tab on the top of the page to find out the impact your page is having by views, visitors and clicks. Record what you see every time you check your page’s analytics in order to create a measurement of the effectiveness of your account. If there is any one section of your page that is doing well, you can model the other sections in a similar fashion.

Included your Services: Although it’s true that sometimes “less is more,” there are certain things that you just can’t afford to leave out when it comes to LinkedIn. You have to include your services. Not providing your services on your page will most likely result in someone simply passing through your page because they are not clear what you do. When you’re logged into your page as the admin, click on Admin Tools on the right hand side and “Add a product or service.” Be sure to include all services you offer in plain and easy to understand condensed language. It should be easy to tell exactly that I can get from your company just by seeing this list. Imagine this is the equivalent to your first job interview – first impression is everything!

Update your Page: Granted, it might take some time to do this, but remember this is marketing your business. It takes time to grow your business. Post updates on your company’s page to gain more traffic and views. Without doing this all the services and great impressions you’ve created with your profile won’t matter! You can post your company’s blog, updates about entertainment, new products and events. If you absolutely don’t have time to create updates, it might be time to consider hiring an digital media firm.

Connect your Company Profile and Website:  If you’re going to take the time to create a great LinkedIn page you need to show it off! Add a plugin to your company’s website to direct people to your LinkedIn page! If people are already visiting your website, you know they’re interested in your business. Grab them and bring them over to your LinkedIn! Pick a plugin that stands out, but goes well with the style and design of your website. Make sure to use an icon, not just a word! Pictures grab your viewer’s attention!  

Internet Marketing can have a major impact on your business if done the right way! If you don’t have the time to utilize online tools correctly, you’re missing out on a big market of potential and current customer engagement! Davanti Digital Media can handle all of your internet marketing including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and more!

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