How to Optimize your Facebook Page for Top Search Results

by Davanti Digital on June 7, 2012

Have you implemented Search Engine Optimization strategies online to boost your search engine ranking on sites like Google and Bing? What about SEO on Facebook? Many business owners set up Facebook pages, but don’t consider the possibilities the site has to boost your search engine ranking. Here are some quick tips on how to generate SEO on a Facebook page.


The same basic SEO rules that apply to your website, also apply on Facebook. Be sure to include keywords that users would search for. These key terms should appear in your about section, your info and the general content of your Facebook page.

Facebook URL

When creating your page’s name, the best thing to do is to use your business’s name. For example, Davanti’s Facebook name is Davanti Digital Media with a URL of

You can create a custom URL once your Facebook page has 25 likes. Once you hit the 25 mark you can change the URL of your page in your settings.

How Facebook SEO Works

When someone Likes your page, a link to your business’s page shows up on the users personal info page.  These links are picked up by search engines effectively increasing search engine ranking the more Likes a page has.

The more engaging the content on your Facebook is, the more Likes you are likely to receive and the more times your page is viewed, shared and recommended. All of this leads to link generation and increased SEO.

Helpful Tips

When creating the Facebook page for your business, be sure to set it up as a business page and a place. This allows customers to check in when they’re at your location. They can also upload a photo and a status with their check in. This gives your customers a chance to engage and build brand awareness just by being there.

If you have a company website, you should link your Facebook page on your website. You can do so using a Facebook social icon. This makes it easy for website visitors to see and easy to click on and land directly on your page. However, these links are not recognized by search engines, so you should provide a full link on your site that goes to your Facebook page. In your “About Us” section create a hyperlink directing readers to visit the Facebook page! Search engines will pick this link up, so it will give you a boost of SEO.

Davanti Digital Media uses innovative SEO strategies through online Public Relations, content creation, blogger outreach and website design and development to deliver quality results across the internet including Facebook.

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