How to Manage your Reputation Online

by Davanti Digital on July 6, 2012

What social media platforms is your business on? Of course you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and probably a WordPress or Tumblr blog as well.  Maybe you’ve even taken your social media presence further and developed your LinkedIn or Google Plus profile. There is no steadfast rule about how many social media accounts your business needs to be successful in the digital realm, but more likely than not, you are juggling more than one online profile. But with having these profiles comes the need to manage these sites and know what consumers are saying about your business. This management of your online reputation is an integral part of your digital marketing campaign and can be a defining factor in the growth of your business.

  • Like anything else, it is important to plan. Think about how you want your brand to be portrayed. Start by finding out what is already out there. Many review-based sites such as Yelp! allow consumers to create pages without authentication from you, the business owner. Take the necessary actions to claim these pages and increase your control over your online reputation. Make it a priority to respond to negative comments and interact with your consumers.
  • The next step in defining your brand is to develop your content strategically. What is appropriate for one social platform may not be ideal for another. Create a basic, informative bio that can be tailored for each network. Consider your audience when writing content. Different social sites are better for different things—write your posts based on the audience and the uses of each site.
  • Link back to yourself! A great way to increase your SEO and bring traffic to your website is to include links on your social profiles. Include links to your different social platforms on each of your pages as well as on your blog. If you are set up on these social channels, it is easy to set up inbound links and this digital spiderweb of links will help increase your Google rankings.

Remember that managing your online reputation requires you to take a proactive role in how consumers perceive your brand. Do not let the collective Internet develop your brand image—taking steps to build and maintain your online reputation allow you to manage how your business is seen. Put your best foot forward in your digital presence through online reputation management.

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