Facebook to Upgrade Search Capabilities

by Davanti Digital on April 5, 2012

Earlier this week, Business Week announced that Facebook is rumored to be making a launch into the search world. At Davanti Digital Media, we’re always on top of the digital media news, and we want to know everything you need to know. So, what does this mean, and how will it impact the social site?

What this could mean

Facebook currently offers a search that allows users to search for pages, groups and friends. The rumors include that a team of about 20 developers, led by a former Google engineer, are creating a powerful search that could combine both social results and typical web results.

By combining these results with geographic location, a user’s history, interests and friends, the site could offer an accurate, real time list of results that gives you what you want to know in a relevant way that Google cannot.

Imagine being able to browse your Facebook page and your friend’s pages while performing an internet search without ever having to leave the site. Not only that, but by using an algorithm that connects your search with your Facebook interests and “Likes,” you get a more accurate response for exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a restaurant to go to or a bar for Happy Hour, you type it into Google, and you get a list of places around your area. However, this search result might leave out the best little known restaurant with amazing prices and delicious dishes. If you search it on Facebook, you have much better chance of finding that great place your friends have been to because they probably “Like” it. So, when you go to search for a place to eat on Facebook, there it is!

How it will impact Facebook

There’s really no telling how Facebook’s new search will impact the site as far as layout or use since the company has not yet released any details regarding the change. If one had to guess, based on the recent dramatic changes, we would have to think they wouldn’t be making any more big changes to your pages or profile in order to commence a new search option.

How it could impact your business

The good news for businesses is that this makes it more important than ever before to get on Facebook and concentrate on creating a strong presence on the site. By connecting with your current customer base, the social site’s new search could lead a whole group of new customers to your business.

To get online today and start representing your brand, call Davanti Digital for a free consultation to learn how we can help you with social media management, mobile website development, brand reputation management and much more! “Like” us on Facebook for more tips for your business.

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