Creating Content for Search Engine Marketing

by Davanti Digital on May 31, 2012

36 percent of search engine users report that they believe that companies whose websites appear at  the top of the search results are the leaders in their field. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a tool by which your business can use keyword optimization, link building, content distribution and paid advertising produce higher search engine ranking to drive traffic to your website and ultimately increase brand awareness and profit. How does search engine marketing work? Do you know how to create effective search engine content?

Check out the following tips for creating content for your search engine marketing campaign.

Keywords: When generating keywords the best way to think about it is if you were a customer searching for your business without knowing that it existed, or knowing very little about it, what would you search for? Test out your search with those keywords and see what comes up. If you find what you’re looking for, those are probably good keywords to use and build off of. Check out our full blog about how to generate keywords.

You want to place these keywords in your business description, website content, blog, posts and online ads.

Content Distribution: Without a place to put your message even the best content in the world cannot be seen. Your message should appear on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, various blogging sites, your website, LinkedIn (if appropriate to your business,) YouTube, Google, and photo sites like Flickr or Pinterest (again, if appropriate to your business.)

Paid Search Advertising: Paid Search Advertising can be a successful component to Search Engine Marketing strategies when facilitated properly. That entails using keyword management, effective ad copy and testing. Pay attention to what keywords are successful in your SEM campaign. What works? What doesn’t work as well? Where is the highest traffic coming from, and where are they going?

A successful SEM campaign is not easy, but can benefit your business tremendously. Your goal should be to increase your search engine ranking. Did you know that 90% of users click on results within the first 3 pages? That’s where your customers are, and that’s where you should be.

For information on how Davanti Digital Media can help you create and implement an innovative SEM strategy, give us call today at 732-982-8260 for a free consultation. You can also “Like” us on Facebook for all of our best digital marketing tips and tools!

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