Social Media

Are You Pinning?

by Davanti Digital on July 11, 2012

Earlier this year, Pinterest emerged as a new trend in social media. The virtual pinboard site experienced a 155% increase in unique visitors to the site between December 2011 and January 2012, according to a report by Compete. With the increasing popularity of the site, many businesses have added Pinterest to their social media portfolio. [...]


Social Media and the News

by Davanti Digital on April 19, 2012

You’ve seen the commercials; they were so 27 seconds ago. Social media is taking over when it comes to disseminating news. The statistics show a staggering amount of people are now getting their news from social media networks rather than traditional news sources. Are you a social media news junkie? Whether it’s personal news like [...]


Small Businesses and Social Media

by Davanti Digital on April 12, 2012

Many big companies like Nike and Oreo take to social media to interact with millions of fans across the world. For the small business that wants to engage with customers, it’s not so easy. What is the difference between a large company and a small business on social media? How can you have a successful [...]