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by Davanti Digital on July 11, 2012

Earlier this year, Pinterest emerged as a new trend in social media. The virtual pinboard site experienced a 155% increase in unique visitors to the site between December 2011 and January 2012, according to a report by Compete. With the increasing popularity of the site, many businesses have added Pinterest to their social media portfolio. Pinterest takes a visual approach to social media, allowing users to share and develop a community based on shared interest by pinning images and videos to a collection of pinboards, each of these pinboards often centered around a common theme.

Can your business benefit from joining Pinterest? It very well could. Studies by Shareaholic report that Pinterest has been directing more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined. Check out these guidelines for integrating Pinterest into a successful digital marketing campaign.

What does it take to Pin?

A successful Pinterest campaign does not rely directly on self-promotion. The most effective method of creating a Pinterest following and overall success on the social site is to develop a sense of community based on common interests involving your product or service. For example, if you owned a fashion boutique, one of your pinboards could be a “How To Accessorize” board, showcasing different outfits with different accessories. It is important to post original photos when creating your Pinterest account, but similar to Facebook and Twitter, interaction is key to building a fan base. Comment on other users’ pins, repin them on your own boards, and follow other users and their pinboards. A solely self-serving Pinterest account can be detrimental to building a fan base and your overall success on the site.

One technique for cultivating a Pinterest fan base is to launch a “Daily Pin” campaign. Again, using the fashion boutique as an example, the daily pins could include celebrity fashion picks, quotes from designers, and other ideas related to the interests of the desired fan base but not directly to the business. A successful Daily Pin campaign will lead to repeat visitors that come back looking for the daily pin and ultimately, more traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to connect your physical presence and other social sites to your Pinterest account. The fastest way to cultivate your fan base is to alert your fans and followers on other social media platforms to your presence on Pinterest. Whenever possible, add links back to your website in your pins to drive traffic to the site. Returning to the example of a fashion boutique, an original pin, such as a necklace sold by the shop, should include the price of the jewelry as well as a link to the boutique’s webpage and ecommerce site, if one exists. The impact of each pin’s clicks and re-pins significantly increases the likelihood of driving more traffic to your website.

Take the Time

Like any other social site, spending the time to develop your Pinterest account will increase your success on this social platform. Put thought into each pinboard theme and what you pin and repin on these boards. Track your efforts using Google analytics and monitor your growth in visitors and conversations. Tools such as Pinerly, which allows you mass-follow, unfollow, schedule pins, and view your Pinterst statistics. Fan engagement can also be measured by repins, likes, and original pins to your pinboards. Fan-created content, such as sharing a pin with your product, is the most impactful form on engagement. Encourage such content by creating a pinboard such as “Fan Favorites.”

Pinterest has great potential to bring many business’s digital marketing campaigns to the next level. If you have a business that relies on increases sales by way of driving traffic to your website, Pinterest could be very beneficial to your social media marketing strategy. Explore the possibilities for expanding your business through the virtual pinboard site and create you own online community of fans, connected by a common interest in your product.

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