A Day in the Life at Davanti

by Davanti Digital on June 15, 2012

The success of Davanti Digital Media is a result of the synergy between every department in the office. The hard work of the marketing department is fueled by the dedication of the sales team. As the faces of Davanti, the sales team is responsible for informing potential clients of the services offered by Davanti and building new business partnerships.

William Snook is a member of the sales team involved in business development. His daily activities include finding business owners and inspiring them to take action to enhance their online presence and digital marketing campaigns. His charisma and passion for the benefits of digital marketing educates the people he meets outside the office and earns their trust in the services Davanti offers to benefit their businesses.

William is a driven individual and is always looking for ways to improve his job performance. “I really enjoy being on the forefront of the digital marketing space. I enjoy learning new ways to utilize digital marketing initiatives to help entrepreneurs develop their business.” William has been an integral part of bringing many businesses in a variety of industries to new levels. He has worked with clients in all industries including bars, restaurants, and healthcare providers to enhance their presence in the digital marketing arena.

William’s motivation to always perform to his highest potential comes from lessons he learned when he was younger. “My signature is on the business agreement and that means a lot to me. When I was a kid I learned from my grandfather, a business owner, that this agreement is not to be taken lightly. I know that my clients trust me to lead a team to achieve their marketing goals and my signature represents my commitment to them. I stand by all the plans we develop and work that we do every day.”

William is also another sports fan and is following the Yankees season closely. He is also calls himself a ‘video game geek’ and enjoys any Mario game. We truly appreciate everything William does at Davanti Digital Media and his enthusiasm for all that Davanti has to offer small businesses. For more information on what Davanti Digital Media can do to enhance your digital marketing campaign, visit our Facebook.

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