A Day in the Life at Davanti

by Davanti Digital on June 8, 2012

The marketing team at Davanti Digital is a tight-knit group. They work together on client campaigns, exchanging ideas and encouraging each other to do their best. Aimee Bux is an important part of this team.

Meet Aimee, one of the Brand Managers at Davanti Digital Media. Aimee came to Davanti in September of 2011 as an intern from Monmouth University through the career center at the University. “When I read the job description and information about the company, I was immediately interested because I was hoping to build a career in social media where I could use my English degree.” Aimee began her career at Davanti in the copywriting department, working on blogs and writing weekly Facebook and Twitter updates for clients.

When offered the Brand Manager position at Davanti after graduation this May, Aimee was thrilled. “Coming back full-time was something that I knew I wanted to do from the beginning of my internship here in September and I am extremely happy to be able to come to work here everyday.” Aimee’s enthusiasm is evident in her work. She spends her days managing and monitoring clients’ social accounts and interacting on social media platforms on behalf of our clients. She is also responsible for managing the online reputations of clients and growing their brand awareness. Her positive attitude has been infectious. Aimee is truly an asset to the Davanti team and we are happy to have her in our office.

Like many others in the office, Aimee is a huge Yankees fan and is looking forward to the Subway Series this weekend. She is also an avid reader and plans on spending time with her family and friends this summer. We are proud to have Aimee working at Davanti and appreciate the positive attitude and admirable work ethic she brings to the office every day.

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